ICT Term 4

“The Year I was Born” PowerPoint 

WALT: design a PowerPoint in pairs about “The year I was born”

The purpose of this project is to find and use information about the day you were born. You will use this information to prepare a PowerPoint to share with the class. What year were you born in? A lot of things probably happened in that year. How much do you know about the events of the year you were born? Your task: Use the Internet to help you answer the following questions about the year of your birth: A link is provided to help you find the answers but feel free to search elsewhere!

The Man in the Moon
What did the moon look like on the day you were born? The moon looks different on different days of each year. You need to see what it looked like when you were born. To do this click on the link below.
Moon Calendar
Moon phases photos

What Else is News?
A new baby is the greatest news a family could have. But there were other things going on in the world when you were born. There's a lot of information on the website you're about to visit that tells what happened the YEAR you were born. Read the info, and enter your birthday. But, notice that for this website you need to use the format MM/DD/YY--which means if your birthday is February 28, 1989 then you need to enter it as 02/28/89. Then you can click on the “Quick Page” button to see your time capsule. You need to find: Top Headlines and the name of one person born on the same day 
Rock and Roll Baby
This activity brings you to a website of popular music history. When you get to the website, use the --DD-- and --MM-- boxes to put in your day and month. Chose the event closest to your year of birth. RECORD THE INFORMATION IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
Music #1

New York Times
Research and describe an event which occurred on your birthday and choose a person who shares your special day. After you get to the N.Y. Times website scroll down or use the "Find" command to get to your birthday. Click on your birthday. This will send you to a Highlights page for this day. Choose an event which interests you and DESCRIBE IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS. NOTICE that you might not find an event for the YEAR you were born. Pick an event close to your birthday. Then continue down to the Birthday section and choose two people, who shares your special day.
New York Times Learning Network

The History Channel
Use the small calendar on the top to find your date. Click Go. Watch the short video. Then click on the General Interest Heading on the left. Choose one event and click on it to open. Record the Headline, and the year that the event happened. Read the article and WRITE A BRIEF DESCRIPTION Use the link below to go to the Film History page. Scroll down to the 2000's. Find your year of birth and click on it. This will take you to a list of the BEST movies made that year. Choose one to do additional research on. Type (or copy & paste) the name of your movie into the search bar at the top of the page. Use the links it shows you to find the following: Name of the director, Names of the top 4 actors and the roles they played and a short description, or synopsis, of the plot.
Film History

What's in a Name?
I know who you are, but what does that mean? Your parent's very carefully chose the name you would carry for the rest of your life. But what does it mean? Use the search form to find your name. Click the link below
Baby Name Dictionary
Baby Name Dictionary #2

Think of five more things to investigate.

Week One How old are You?

Your first assignment is to find out how many days you've been around. The website you'll visit allows you to enter any day--you'll use your date of birth. 
If you were born December 25, 1989 you would type ---> 12 25 1989 
Entering the End date is easy. Just click on the Today box and it will put in todays date. 
To find out how many days since your birth clicks on the link below.


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