Year 6 Homework Challenge

This is an exciting area of learning we are inviting you to take part in and is designed to teach you to be self-motivated and Independent with your learning. It gives you opportunities to try new things and learn life-skills you can use in the wider world. 

While completing the challenges to achieve a certificate you are expected to still complete the traditional homework tasks of reading nightly, to learn any spelling words and maths basic facts or problems given to you by your teacher.

The home learning challenges need to be completed carefully – remember it is quality not quantity that counts. It will probably take you all year to complete your challenges!

As you complete each challenge you will need to have it signed off by your parents and then shown to your teacher to make sure you have completed it properly. If you need help with your home learning, you should ask your parents. Your parents are responsible for supervising your safety while you complete these challenges.

Ask your classroom teacher which day is for checking challenges in your class.

Home Learning Success Criteria:

• There are four certificates that you can be awarded in a year: Bronze, Silver, Gold and the Platinum Award.
• To be awarded the first certificate (bronze) you must complete five challenges: one from each section
• Each time you complete another five challenges: one more from each section you will be awarded another certificate until you have received the Platinum Award
• You must have some evidence to prove that you have completed each challenge – e.g. photos, product, performance, movie, power point or equivalent.
• It is quality not quantity that counts so take your time to do each challenge with excellence!
Leanne Siaki,
Jan 19, 2017, 12:27 AM