Genius Hour

The search-engine giant, Google, allows its engineers to spend 20% of their time to work on any pet project that they want. The idea is very simple. Allow people to work on something that interests them, and productivity will go up. We are following a similar model. We will give the students 60 minutes a week to pursue a topic they are passionate about. They will be presenting their learning at the end of each term.

Goals of this project:
*to promote, support, and model creative, innovative thinking and inventiveness
*to allow students an opportunity to discover/investigate one of their passions and reflect on/share their learning with others
*provide students and teachers an opportunity to develop skill sets that are valuable in any learning situation (research, experimentation, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking)
*to provide an opportunity for children to share their Genius Projects with others

As well as one Genius Hour every week to work on their project children may also work on it at home. Children are welcome to use any materials found in the classroom, but they may also need to collect some of their own materials to finish the project. Projects MUST have a research component. They can build something, design something, make something, write something, collect something … it’s all up to them!. They will have 10 weeks to complete their first Passion Project.

If you have any queries or can help us out in anyway with resources, knowledge, expertise or time, please email either Leanne ( or Ray (

Thanks in advance for your support.